Safe Travel Tips For Seniors

It’s important to consider travel safety tips for seniors before setting out on an excursion. Seniors who need to travel alone or with companions need to consider general safety measures and travel tips. This article will give some safety tips to seniors. It will help them appreciate bother free trips, whether they are going on […]

Himalaya Trekking Tips

In India, Himalayan mountains are considered best for trekking expeditions with a never ending list of spectacular hill stations. It is trekkers’ paradise bringing one closer to nature and exploring its flora and fauna. It is an experience beyond comparison to go for trekking in Himalayas. Trekking expedition is a rare opportunity where human being […]

Planning Your Adventure Travel

It certainly would not be an exaggeration if it is said that it is difficult to find anyone who is not interested in traveling! There are many people who also find great pleasure in ‘adventure travel’ and take it as lightly as an evening walk. As the name itself indicates, adventure travel is a trip […]

Why Go Trekking?

Trekking or hiking in the mountains is not always comfortable and sometimes it’s even hard. But still, it’s a favorite activity of hundreds of thousands of people around the world! There are many good reasons to go trekking, let’s look at some of them here. 1. Nature Trekking Being in the outdoors and experiencing the […]

Travel Tips For Domestic Travelers

If anyone plans for domestic traveling, then you will follow these ten domestic travel tips useful. ” Shop around. Do not give more than you have to for domestic travel. ” Check your flight in advance to verify the timing of departure as well as for Arrival. If you do not know the timing and […]

The Services of a Trekking Company

The popularity of trekking and adventure travel is forever on the increase with people wanting to conquer new challenges and achievements within their lives. Trekking and adventure expeditions are synonymous with gap year students but it doesn’t end there. Most reputable trekking companies will cater for groups or teams of all shapes, sizes and abilities […]

Ethiopia Adventure Travel Tips

. Travel (especially bus travel) is a real adventure and not for the faint hearted as there is long travel days (even longer if the bus breaks down) on poorly maintained roads. But it is an excellent way to get up close and personal and experience the life and culture of the locals. Addis Ababa […]

10 Cheap Travel Tips

Traveling does not need to put you in the poor house, just follow these 10 cheap travel tips to save money and still enjoy your vacation. Carry Snacks With You Buying snacks in bulk before you go and dividing them up into zip lock bags saves the cost and hassle of purchasing snack foods while […]