Himalaya Trekking Tips

In India, Himalayan mountains are considered best for trekking expeditions with a never ending list of spectacular hill stations. It is trekkers’ paradise bringing one closer to nature and exploring its flora and fauna. It is an experience beyond comparison to go for trekking in Himalayas. Trekking expedition is a rare opportunity where human being gets lost in calm and serene atmosphere away from the noises, pollution and concrete jungles of cities.

Gearing up for Trekking

First and the foremost thing which a trekking enthusiast needs to ensure is his physical fitness. If one is not habitual of physical exercises, one has to start doing exercises well in advance to make himself fully fit and capable of covering long distance on foot.

Medical Check Up

Another mandatory thing is the medical check up of the person who plans to do trekking in mountain terrains. Mountain trekking is not advisable for individual who suffer from heart ailments or high blood pressure, as the atmospheric pressure starts decreasing with the rise in altitude and is harmful for such persons.

Must Carry Items during Trekking

Apart from this, one needs to plan the trip meticulously keeping in view the terrain and weather conditions. Right mountain gear and some basic equipments are must carry items during trekking. Quality of your boots and clothings require special attention as in the rugged terrains, it is always better to wear heavier and supportive trekking boots to protect ankle and feet injuries. Whereas, the temperature of mountains in Himalayas decreases as you reach to higher altitude, which compels you to wear warm clothes.

First aid medical kit is also one of the must carry items but before going for trekking to higher mountain regions, one should know how to treat injuries, wounds and cramps. As one is not sure of the purity of water in hilly terrains, carrying of water purifying tablets is advisory.

There are a number of items which one should carry along with him to enjoy a trouble free trekking expedition like, dry food, water bottles, matchbox, knife, biscuits, toilet kit, hat, cotton socks, jackets and woolen trousers. As sun rays are very harsh on higher altitudes, one should carry sunscreen lotion and sunglasses to protect from harmful effects.

One should have detailed knowledge about the area where one plans to go for trekking. Local map and compass will be handy to carry. Other items which are helpful during the trip are a pair of binoculars and a good quality camera. One can also carry mobile phone, if mobile network is good in the area and should also have telephone numbers of local area officials, so that they can be contacted in case of any emergency.

Despite all the above things, one should also keep in mind that the more heavier pack they are carrying with them, the more trouble they are going to invite for themselves. Most important thing which one needs to keep in mind is that we should avoid littering and throwing garbage here and there in the mountains.

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