How can a lawyer help with divorce mediation?

When it is possible, settling the terms of a divorce with mediation is beneficial for both parties. There is far less emotional turmoil when both sides can agree on terms without a court fight. Some of the issues that must be settled include child custody, child support, division of property, spousal support and ownership of any debts.

The North Carolina court system values mediation to the point that state law dictates that most child custody cases will start with mediation. The goal is to assist parents in coming to an agreement about the custody of the children, and only if mediation is unable to generate this agreement will the case proceed to trial with the judge.

Some of the outcomes of a mediation agreement could include the physical location where the children will live, which religious background the children will be raised with, and what school the children will attend. Where possible, mediation is an effective solution for child custody disputes.

It’s recommended that you obtain legal counsel before heading into the mediation process for any part of your divorce. An informed lawyer can educate you about what to expect in mediation, how to prepare for your meetings, and possible next steps if you cannot reach a solution.

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